Charles Edward Dilkes was 29 when the United States entered the Great War. Like many men who answered the nation’s call to arms, he never expected to be a soldier. His experiences of combat, suffering, heroism and survival are remarkable enough: he was one of the first American Expeditionary Force soldiers to enter the war and one of the last ones to return home. 

Even more remarkable is the detailed diary he kept–at great personal peril–documenting vivid first hand details. Sgt. Dilkes’ daughters have spent fifteen years meticulously transcribing, cross checking and now publishing their father’s odyssey. Historians and aficionados alike will find this book an important resource, as well as a fascinating narrative. It is quite possibly one of the last personal accounts of the Great War that will ever be published.

Remembering World War I is being published in a first edition of limited editions. Designed by award winning book designer David Laufer, it includes more than 30 maps, original photographs, letters, documents and battlefield diagrams. $27.95 retail